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Fight or Flight

COVID impacting any opportunity of enjoying what time I had left in Minneapolis before having to decide to relocate as a result of a pandemic is one thing.

However, viewing a local bouncer, George Floyd, get murdered by multiple Minneapolis police officers right before my eyes...

The last couple of weeks have been an arduous grieving process for the black community, my community, including my peers, colleagues, friends, family, and myself.

I've been trying to gather my thoughts and use my words to voice light on such a dark and tragic time, yet I feel so weak and feeble.

It's circumstances such as the disheartening loss of George Floyd, shake the earth yet remain forward-looking, surrounded by hatred and heavy with resentment, no matter what social platform you open up.

Social media permits you with an ill-fated disadvantage, opening a window to an entire world in agony. For a week, I watched my favorite home, my city, and surrounding communities within Minneapolis subsequently go up in flames responsible by those either rightfully, enraged by the barbaric, prejudiced persecution of George Floyd or rather, merely out of pure immortality.

With the understanding you've been informed to find somewhere safe to relocate due to the severity of the riots & looting breaking out a block away from your apartment, scared with uncertainty whether you're building is going to be next is an entirely, incomprehensible feeling.

It's safe to say I'm still trying to recoup from this emotionally, chaotic transition from my apartment, downtown Minneapolis, to the middle of straight-up, nowhere, just in time before curfew, somehow navigating the backroads leading to my new place considering all major highways are shut down, with hope in the back of my head the rest of my belongings would be there when I get back was altogether gut-wrenching.

It should go without saying, material items aren't the concern here. Personally, the short-notice shock combined with your fight or flight instincts kicking in after so many sleepless nights can do a number on someone.

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