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In #Justice We Trust

As I’m sitting here watching Unicorn Riot’s documentary live footage of the riots 3 miles from my apartment, I feel nothing but speechless and heartbroken. Yet I have this roaring rage to write, but I don’t know what to say...

When things become so dark all colors you once saw have turned grey,

you’ve seen the fire,

the destruction and

the hell raised into the early morning of Thursday May 26th, 2020.

While the city went under construction, embarking on a historically praised facelift, it would appear as if “Meet Minneapolis” has been pre-maturely introduced by it’s citizens, local law enforcement and tourists who have debuted what injustice looks like in broad daylight.

Havoc is being wreaked across this city, 5-6 blocks surrounded by the protestors, and the rioters, the SWAT and the National Guard.

I’ve been thinking about…


What’s next?

☑︎ Pray

☑︎ Check up on loved ones.

☑︎ Spend self care time today.

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